A Membership in the BVH has many advantages: first-hand financial knowledge, top-class events and professional networking. Members also get free access to a range of magazines, contents of the BVH Academy and the career portal with job advertisements. You can find a selection of the offers here:


BVH Academy

The academy forms the digital heart of the federal association and offers a multitude of possibilities for its members.


In the academy our members can manage their subscriptions and order or cancel them independently.

Career portal

The career portal in the Academy offers our members exclusive job offers from our funding partners.

Stock Market Certificate

The BVH Stock Exchange licence including the associated documents is made available to all our members for the implementation.


Membership gives our members access to our digital network. In addition, personal exchange at our events is made possible.

How To Pitch

The How-to-Pitch lecture series including all relevant documents will be made available to all our members for implementation.

Portfolio Challenge

The Portfolio Challenge offers our members the opportunity to put their financial knowledge to the test in practice.

BVH All Stars

The BVH All-Star team supports our member associations in the implementation of the BVH Stock Exchange licence with professional know-how.

Market Indicator

Through the BVH Market Indicator, we give our association a voice by allowing each member to give their opinion on the development of the market.


The annual BVH Conference offers all our members a variety of unique career events.

Stock Pitch

The Stock Pitch Competition offers our members the opportunity to pitch their investment proposals before a high-ranking jury.

and much more

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, there are a number of other offers and benefits for our members.

How do I become a member?

It is not possible to become a member of the BVH directly. As a member of a regional finance association, you are automatically a member of the Federal Association and can benefit from all the advantages. How to register with a regional association can be found on the website of the regional association near you.