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BVH was founded in spring 1992 by the four stock exchange associations Darmstadt, Mannheim, Paderborn and Saarbrücken. The aim of the associations was in particular further education and a lively exchange among each other in order to strengthen the contents of the association's work. The association has been developing for over 25 years and today proudly looks back on 70 member associations and more than 13,500 members. Each new generation of board members builds on the challenges and achievements of the previous generation and brings the BVH a step further forward.


All member clubs offer an individual program and are legally independent. The BVH is happy to help with the foundation of the association, but the initiative comes from the students of the respective university town. The independence of the BVH member associations is their great strength, as this promotes the initiative and commitment of the association members even more strongly and makes an excellent regional reference possible. At the same time, the BVH represents the interests of its members nationwide and promotes the diversity of its member associations. Nationwide events such as the conference, the general meeting, annual strategy events in changing German cities and supraregional regional conferences significantly improve cooperation and communication between the associations.


The BVH, as a supra-regional contact, is the coordination point for the exchange between the individual associations and the contact point for companies and member associations. It sees itself as a service provider for its members and is also the organiser of exclusive nationwide events. In order to promote the importance and acceptance of its member associations, the BVH offers start-up assistance for new associations in the form of BVH Consulting and tries to present its activities and those of its members to the public through intensive press work. Students know more and more about the importance of shares as a component of private investment, are interested in topics around the financial markets and also see professional perspectives there. The number of members of the BVH is constantly increasing and thus proves a very positive further development of this situation.


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