Portfolio Challenge

prove your skills as an asset manager


Portfolio Challenge

prove your skills as an asset manager

Here you can find all information about our BVH Portfolio Challenge. We are pleased to announce Prizes worth a total of €2,200 will be awarded to your regional clubs in the first half of 2020. Winners will always be chosen during our conferences. The prizes are divided into the following categories:

Fundamental Prize

The Fundamental Prize, which is endowed with € 500, is awarded to the association with the best performance without the use of structured products over a period of approximately six months from June 1, 2020 to November 27, 2020.

Performance Prize

The Performance Prize, which is endowed with 500 €, goes to the association with the best performance over approximately six months in the period 01 June 2020 to 27 November 2020.

Monthly prizes

The monthly prizes, which are endowed with 200 €, are awarded for the highest performance over one month (performance is read on the last working day of each month). There will thus be 12 monthly winners per year. The monthly prize cannot be won more than once within a period. However, a monthly winner can win the Fundamental Prize or Performance Prize at the same time!

Clubs automatically participate in the competition with the club portfolio registered with us. If a club would like to register a different portfolio, it will take part in the competition from the next month for the small prize and from the next deadline for the big prize. This prevents a club from managing several portfolios simultaneously and then registering only the best one. To participate in the BVH Portfolio Challenge, your club wikifolio must be published on For more information, please refer to the BVH Portfolio Challenge Guide (below) or the wikifolio FAQs.

Register your Portfolio

Please register your club portfolio. You will find the conditions of participation in the BVH Academy.

In order to work out your strategies in a meaningful and profitable way, we recommend to create a team around the BVH-Portfolio Challenge as follows:

Portfolio Manager and a Deputy Portfolio Manager

This (deputy) portfolio manager will be the head of the portfolio and the contact person for the BVH Portfolio Challenge. He manages the entire portfolio.

Portfolio Teamleader

These team leaders lead a team of up to five analysts and are responsible for the analysis of specific potential investment sectors.

Portfolio Analysts

Each team leader can work with up to five analysts. The analysts prepare information on the basis of which the portfolio assets are invested after internal coordination. They gain valuable experience in the process.

In order to be able to flexibly coordinate the research results and potential investment proposals as well as market fluctuations within the team, the portfolio team should meet at a fixed regular table every 1-2 weeks. This event can also be used for the internal acquisition of new members and as an internal social event.

All information and further details about the Challenge can be found here again in our BVH Portfolio Challenge Guide in der BVH Academy. With profitable performance and the associated prizes, we will gladly issue a certificate of participation and successful placement in the BVH Portfolio Challenge to your entire team, i.e. portfolio managers, team leaders and analysts. Should you unfortunately not have made it to the winning positions, you can also issue your analysts and portfolio managers with a certificate of participation at the regional association.

Top 10 Rankings

rankregional finance associationEndwert 31.07.2020Stand des Portfolios (31.08.2020)MonatsperformancePortfolioaward winnerRoMaD Link
1Bayreuther Börsenverein e.V. (BBV)24,0132,3834,86%LinkMonatspreis August3,42
2Investment Club Regensburg e.V.103,98120,0615,46%Link0,52
3Börsenclub Cottbus94,31105,8212,20%Link3,10
4Business and Finance Club Kiel e.V.95,15105,6911,08%Link13,20
5Aktienfieber e.V. Kaiserslautern94,1102,989,44%Link5,08
6Börsen – und Wertpapierverein Nürnberg e.V.103,19112,869,37%Link3,91
7Akademischer Börsenverein Leipzig e.V.91,9599,798,53%Link9,94
8AKB Giessen e.V.98,25105,887,77%Link3,71
9Bull and Bear - Börsenverein Paderborn e.V.102,36110,27,66%Link2,31
10Hanseatischer Börsenkreis Hamburg95,56102,26,95%Link1,32