How to Pitch

In student and professional practice, it has become apparent in recent years that presentation skills are becoming increasingly important.
Particularly in areas close to the capital market, it is essential to communicate content in a comprehensible and appealing way. But pitching is also indispensable in many other areas - e.g. in the start-up scene or when introducing seminar presentations. The lecture series How-to-Pitch takes this development into account and conveys contents in the three areas:

Rhetoric & Impact

The participants are shown useful basic rules of body language and rhetoric. This is deepened by group work and the analysis of well-known speakers. The topics of correct clothing choice and networking after the lecture are also addressed.

Financial figures & chart technique

In this part the audience will gain knowledge in the field of business valuation and pricing. First, basic financial ratios and their meaning are explained. The second part is dedicated to chart theory: Common chart patterns and indicators are presented and illustrated with examples.

Structure of a Pitch-Desk

Elementary for the success of a pitch is the structure and the "red thread" of a presentation. Consequently, How-to-Pitch contains an exemplary structure as well as explanations of important elements of the company analysis. To reflect the focus on the stock pitch, two example pitches have been included.

The three presentations take about 2 hours in total and are optionally followed by a multiple choice test with certificate for the CV of the participants.

Further information about How-To-Pitch can be found at your regional club and at the BVH Academy. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact [email protected]