Market Indicator


Market Indicator

Finally an indicator that asks you for your opinion!

Are you a member of a stock exchange association of a university in Germany? Then be a member! Where do you see the DAX next month? Is it going up? Is it falling? Or is it moving sideways?

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Why a market indicator?

Fundamental analysis? Chart technique? Perhaps there will soon be new works in financial literature? The BVH Market Indicator shows the market sentiment of the new generation at German universities. So far, it is large institutional investors who assess the market.

With the BVH Market Indicator, students have the chance to give the market their own voice! The BVH Market Indicator complements the indicators mainly determined by executives, business and stock market professionals with an interesting student perspective.

About the BVH Market Indicator


The idea

The BVH Market Indicator collects the current assessment of the 15,000 active members from over 75 stock exchange associations on the DAX development.

During the voting phase students have the opportunity to cast their vote for a increasing (+1)falling (-1) and sidewards (0) DAX


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"We want to give our over 15,000 members a voice as an umbrella organisation and place it as an officially listed index"

– The BVH Market Indikator Vision



For the first time, the BVH market indicator also gives students the opportunity to have their opinion included in an official market index.

Part of the CFS

The BVH Market Indicator is an important part of the CFS.


Several hundred regularly voting participants are already taking part in the voting.

What is the added value for you and your club?

Active discourse

Use the opportunity of an active discourse on capital market events within the regional associations and give your members a voice to help shape a coherent economic indicator!


Your & the market

How good is your or the (overall) market assessment of the actual performance of the DAX? Where do you stand in comparison to other participants? Exchange ideas with people interested in the capital market and give the market its own voice!