Stock Market Certificate


Stock Market Certificate

in four basic seminars to certified stock exchange knowledge

4 lectures

The Stock Exchange licence is divided into 4 lectures.


Optionally, the Stock Exchange licence can be extended by 2 further lectures. 


Upon successful completion of the final test, participants receive a certificate.

Free of charge

Participation in the Stock Exchange Licence is free of charge for each participant.


You can find the dates for the Stock Exchange licence individually on the website of your regional association. 



Optionally, the Stock Exchange licence can be completed via the BVH as a webinar.

Why a Stock Market Certificate?

Why a stock exchange

Although many companies assume a profound knowledge of the financial systems and often encounter such topics in their daily lives, the subject of the stock exchange and the functioning of the capital market is often not dealt with enough in education.

For this reason, the BVH has set itself the goal of providing its members with a sound knowledge of these complex topics. Whether for private reasons, to analyse possible investment opportunities or for professional reasons, in order to lay the first foundations for a career in banking or the financing and investment industry.

The BVH Stock Exchange licence is more than just an introduction to the world of stock exchange topics: it is intended to lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of the capital market as an interesting and complex subject for all graduates. Interested parties can either attend the lectures at their local finance associations or attend a digital webinar.

After successfully passing the subsequent test, the acquired knowledge is certified with a nationwide uniform certificate.


The stock market certificate is divided into 4 basic seminars followed by a test for the official certificate. Alternatively, the stock market certificate can be extended by 2 seminars.


Stock exchange, capital market and trading

  • Historical beginnings of the stock exchange and organizational form today
  • Historical crashes, speculative exaggerations and their parallels to the financial crisis
  • Pricing on the securities markets

Equities, bonds and funds

  • What classes of shares are there? Rights, obligations and risks
  • What are bonds? How do they work? How do they differ?
  • Various fund types, ratings, fees and actual returns

Options and certificates

  • How do derivatives work? What exactly are options?
  • Differences, leverage and volatility
  • Structure of certificates, possibilities and risks

Investment philosophies and stock market psychology

  • Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Behavioral Finance
  • Value Investing and company valuation
  • Psychological pitfalls and rational action

The Stock Market Certificate Webinar

The Stock Market Certificate Webinar

No finance association nearby?  Then you also have the opportunity to obtain your stock exchange driving licence from the comfort of your own couch. The BVH Stock Market Certificate Webinars are more than just an introduction to the world of stock exchange topics. For all participants, they should lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of the equally interesting and complex subject of capital markets.

The BVH Stock Market Certificate has been offered as a attendance event by stock exchange associations at universities since 2009 and can also be completed free of charge as a webinar with experienced speakers from the BVH. Following the four webinars, a multiple choice online examination can be taken in order to obtain the BVH Stock Market Certificate.

Der Börsenführerschein ist in 4 Grundlagenseminaren mit anschließendem Test für das offizielle Zertifikat gegliedert. Ein Vertiefungsmodul mit vier weiteren Einheiten ist in Arbeit und wird Ende 2020 erstmals angeboten werden können. Weitere Infos erfolgen auf unseren Social Media Kanälen und im Newsletter.

Events on the global capital markets are very complex. It is reported daily and large numbers are thrown into the room. Economic systems, crises and upheavals are explained and yet many do not have an overview of the big picture.

Unfortunately, the subject of the stock market and the functioning of the capital market is often neglected in school education. For this reason, the BVH has set itself the goal of closing this knowledge gap and providing the general public with capital market knowledge in a simple but well-founded way by means of the BVH Stock Market Certificate.

Bei Fragen und Anmerkungen steht euch das Team unter der E-Mail-Adresse [email protected] zur Verfügung.


Dates & Registration

Die Termine für die kommende Webinarreihe stehen fest: Jeweils donnerstags ab 20:00 Uhr a webinar of the four-part series takes place.





All events are completely free of charge and without obligation. The BVH e.V. reserves the right, in the event of a correspondingly high demand, to send webinars to interested parties within a radius of BVH member associations to refer to the face-to-face events.

A webinar lasts about 100 minutes. It is possible to take the BVH Stock Market Certificate online certificate examination after the webinar series. The presentation slides of the webinars are not published and it also finds no record of the webinars.

Die BVH Börsenführerschein Onlinezertifikatsprüfung findet innerhalb eines einwöchigen Zeitraums eine Woche nach dem letzten Webinar statt. Vom 4.12.2020 ab 0.00 Uhr bis einschließlich 10.12.2020 23.59 Uhr kann die Multiple Choice Prüfung zu einem beliebigen Zeitpunkt abgelegt werden. Prüfungsdauer sind 30 Minuten mit 40 Multiple-Choice Fragen. Die Prüfung ist optional und jeder vorgemerkte Teilnehmer ist automatisch dafür registriert. Es findet KEINE Nachprüfung statt. Ein erneuter Versuch kann bei der Durchführung der nächsten Webinarreihe erfolgen. Im Erfolgsfall (60% korrekte Antworten) kann das BVH Börsenführerschein Zertifikat direkt selbstständig heruntergeladen werden. Alle registrierten Teilnehmer erhalten einen Tag vor dem ersten Webinartermin per E-Mail ausführliche Infos zur Durchführung der Webinarreihe. 

The reservation is now activated.


The BVH-All-Stars team, consisting of volunteer speakers from the BVH and regional stock exchange associations, would like to actively support you in the continuation and further development of the BVH Stock Market Certificate If you have difficulties finding sufficient speakers for the presentations or if you would like to have access to speakers outside your university who are well versed in the topic of the stock exchange driving licence, you can "book" the BVH-All-Stars team.
Writes an e-mail to [email protected] with details of the regional financial association, the presentation concerned and the date and time on which the presentation is planned and we will then get in touch with you. There are no costs for the BVH All-Stars Team presentation for BVH member clubs.

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